Freddy Stratton, by Lucille Cottin (Broché, collection of 3 police investigations)


In England in the 1930s, banker Freddy Stratton has a hobby: snooping around in people's lives. His specialty? Find them complex problems, which he then tries to solve.
One evening in June 1931, Stratton falls Audric Morbay, lord of the State and favorite ladies. Rich, beautiful, young Morbay has everything. Stratton, he is away. Beautiful, it could be if it was not that ugly face when he smiled. Young, it is much, sure to have a foot in the grave. As the wealth! The other is more fun. It is installed to attend their fateful ruin more comfortable. Freddy is a black, an Edgar Poe illuminated who adores analyze accounts of his clients without their permission. And that's what he will make sure that the legacy comes from touching Morbay raise some pretty dead rats, or will be a wonderfully fateful end.
This story is followed by two novellas: the Picasso and the severed heads.

12, 5x19, 5 cm
242 pages

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