The Ocean Planters, by Ségolène Roudot (Ebook, fantastic news)


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Mariette lives in the vastness of the desert. A wedding day, she is still a child, she learns by a storyteller village was once a marine city. In other words, a port. But that is a port and that is what sea?

No one in the House can answer these questions.

"You see, sadly concludes the storyteller, everyone has forgotten. And yet it was a time where sea planters were esteemed companions of the King. The sea which bordered village was always there, it was not created by the gods or magic. It was planted. »

Then begins an incredible quest for Mariette: that to find these magic seeds to plant coast in her village.

Ségolène sign a gem of wonderful story, tragic overtones. A true masterpiece, to place the hands!

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