Games of... Naughty games (Ebook, collection of short stories at the Hitchcock)


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"Whoever you are, whatever your age and social position, you will be ordered to go through it.
Some fear, the fear of getting sick, so it is in the acts and everyday events. The others as a release, they often consider the reward. More crazy or wiser honor it and celebrate it to bring an acceptable companion because they know it is the salt life, chili that motivates, the je ne sais quoi that makes men themselves to be universal remembered.
Then join them, play with it, taunt the unscrupulous, laugh, even with it. I assure you that it will be softer for you.
"Farewell, dear reader."

Do you like series Alfred Hitchcock presents, the 4th dimension or beyond reality? Then this collection is made for you!

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